Empathy, Love and Openness Is The Way Forward!

I’ve been involved quite deeply into companies, understanding how things work and observing the behavior of every individual in there. From the general employees to the CEO. I’ve spoken to tons of friends and random people who are quite passionate about what they do and there’s one problem that 90% of the workforce seem to go through, “Having to deal with negative workplace cultures”. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about as well, but just for information sake. I’m referring to the politics and backbiting of other employees, CEOs and individuals in the top management making everyone below the hierarchy feel like a slave, the emotional trauma, and most of all a hindering of growth and potential. It’s sickening, toxic and it has to end. It’s 2020, gone are the days where people are willing to take such treatment and actually deal with it. What irritates me the most about this, is that it’s considered to be “Normal”. Why is making people feel miserable NORMAL? Why is flaunting the power you have against someone NORMAL? It’s pathetic. I truly believe, it’s this particular reason why our country has very few people that actually make a name for themselves. Not everyone has the ability to take such toxic behavior and I frankly cannot see a reason as to why they should.

I’ve come across different types of people, some who made sure that I know “I’m working FOR them and one who made me feel like I’m working WITH them. It’s two different things even though technically it’s the same. The beauty of the latter is that it leaves plenty of room for growth, you wake up wanting to go to work, you want to be around, you want to be involved. The former just brings out a sense of “Professional Hatred” which leads to your eventual resignation and a polite “F*** OFF”. Don’t get me wrong, it depends on the person as well. Some work for the sake of working and the majority that I’ve come across stick around and deal with it as long as they’re receiving their salary at the end of the month. The ones who do things not for the sake of it, but are doing it because they’re motivated and want to go up the ladder are less willing to take unnecessary games played by pathetic individuals. I know people say “you have to take the S**T” but I really doubt they were talking about this.

A message to all the youngsters out there, when you choose a place of work, make sure you do your research, have open conversations with the people involved in recruiting, their response to your openness speaks a lot about who they are. If they try to bully you for telling the truth, it’s pretty certain that it’s not the right environment. I’m currently involved with one of the best leaders out there, underrated but the reason why things get done here, is because of such leadership qualities. I truly believe there are many leadership qualities out there which are essential but I feel it all comes down to the main three. Three which go hand in hand.

o Empathy

o Love

o Openness

Empathy is a big factor which contributes to the performance of employees, you have to understand that each one has bigger things than work, they’re here for a reason, they’re motivated for a reason, find what that reason is, be understanding and encouraging. They want to take an off day to go see their brother at a cricket match? Let them. They want to take a quick power nap, Let them. They’re struggling with a personal issue, ensure you’re here to talk about it. This belief of keeping work and personal separate is making people feel horrible. It never made sense to me either, people tell me to not take work personally. Work is related to my growth, the picture I want to be in life, the support I want to give my family. Of course, it’s personal.

Love. You have to love your people like family, like your own brothers and sisters. The minute they feel like they’re family, they feel an extra sense of responsibility, not towards you as a leader, but towards the organization. They feel like the business is their own and they’ll do whatever it takes for its growth.

Finally, Openness. Having honest conversations with one another without holding anything back. It’s important for anyone’s growth. If something was done wrong, stop making a list of them and wait until their Probation period or contract period is over to talk to them about it. Do it immediately. It creates trust and builds up self awareness, making them better performers in the future.

For my buddies out there in big corporates, create an amazing work environment for everybody out there, an environment so great, they want to be there. Redefine what it means to be a Professional.

Much Love,

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